10 DOH-Approved Herbal Medicine

Bayabas (Psidium guajava)


Locally known as “bayabas” in the Philippines, this fruit-bearing shrub grows in tropical regions like Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines. It is widely used as herbal medicine and is recognised by the Philippine Department of Health for its antiseptic property. It is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. Its leaves and fruits contain eugenol, tannin, saponins, amygdalin, phenolic acids, malic acid, ash, aldehydes, catequinic compounds and flavonoids.

Guava is known for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antioxidant hepatoprotective, anti-allergy, antimicrobial, anti-plasmodial, anti-cough, antidiabetic, and antigenotoxic properties.

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