10 of the Biggest Filipino Celebrity Feuds Of All Time

In show business, rivalry is the spice of the industry. Celebrities might feud for various reasons or causes. In some cases, fans irated with the rival celebrity’s fans can cause the celebrities they are supporting to, in reality, feud. Sometimes celebrities themselves develop irreconcilable differences with each other and their supporters usually go along, take sides, and feud with the other camps supporters. Other feuds are real feuds, while some are healthy feuds brought about by mere competition.

Nonetheless, they always entertain us and yes we love to take sides. So, here are the biggest Filipino celebrity feuds of all time:

  1. Maja Salvador and Kim Chiu


“Ina, Kapatid, Anak”, a primetime soap opera by ABS-CBN featured Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador. In this teleserye, Kim and Maja played antipodal roles and had intense rivalry. It was during this time that memes in social media highlighting the best ‘away moments’ of the two celebrities.

Kim and Maja are best friends in real life. Maja even consoled Kim during Kim and Gerald Anderson’s break up a couple of years ago.

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