10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Senator Leila de Lima Even More

  1. She’s a woman of her words.

Do not take it badly about her. She’s just doing her work and she’s just doing what she is tasked to do. Let us just understand her case as if it is our own. So keep in mind that whenever she tells something, let us all wait for it to happen. Like the platforms she said last campaign period.


  1. She loves to dance, she loves beach and beef!

All these she said on her webisode. She said she loves to dance especially ballroom, swing and tango. And when asked if she can do a sample, she proudly said yes which was so funny. Furthermore, she said that she loves beach more than swimming pools because in the former she got to enjoy the view and really feel the ‘salt’. And lastly, she loves beef because it is ‘malasa’ (tasty).


  1. She’s a woman of character.

Is her law degree not enough to prove that she is a woman of character? Kidding. She said that she is a woman of character because of her previous experiences which has shaped her current attitude. Her fall downs just made her even stronger that she was before.

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3 Responses

  1. connie ramirez says:

    The fight of Senator de Lima is to prove that the judicial killings nowadays have taken roots way back in Davao . Motobato has been presented as witness as one of Duterte’s hired killers and one of the members of the notorious death squad or killers for hire.

    Meanwhile in Congress, DOJ new chief Justice Aguire is conducting an investigation to nail de Lima as a leading protector of drug lords in Bilibid prison. UNBELIEVABLE ACCUSATION..a political mockery.

  2. annons says:

    Not a big deal & definitely looked pathetic.

  3. Irene says:

    This is absolutely a joke!