10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Senator Leila de Lima Even More

  1. She has two sons from former marriage.

She is a proud mother to her two sons whom the public does not know about. These sons according to some are the products of her failed marriage then. But despite things going wrong about the marriage, Leila is still happy she’s been blessed with two sons.

  1. She does not believe in forever.

On one of her webisodes, Leila talked about how she does not believe in forever. She said that yes, once in her life, she believed in it, but anymore. Her exact words were actually “Dati oo, not anymore.”

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3 Responses

  1. connie ramirez says:

    The fight of Senator de Lima is to prove that the judicial killings nowadays have taken roots way back in Davao . Motobato has been presented as witness as one of Duterte’s hired killers and one of the members of the notorious death squad or killers for hire.

    Meanwhile in Congress, DOJ new chief Justice Aguire is conducting an investigation to nail de Lima as a leading protector of drug lords in Bilibid prison. UNBELIEVABLE ACCUSATION..a political mockery.

  2. annons says:

    Not a big deal & definitely looked pathetic.

  3. Irene says:

    This is absolutely a joke!