One of the ailments which is incurable until now is cancer. Although there has been several advancements in the treatment side and initial prognosis, cancer is still a deadly disease. One thing about this sickness is that it comes in as a ghost for it comes undetected. But worry no more for here are 10 signs you should note if you feel you have cancer growing in your body. Because they said early detection and treatment is better than full cure. Here’s 10 signs!

  1. Itchy Skin.

When one experiences unusual itching of skin, he or she must take extra attention on it. Experts say that itchy skin is a manifestation that there is something wrong in the inside. Which may have to do with cancer cells fighting the immune system. The particular area where the white blood cells fights the bacterium that is cancer, heat up causing the itchy sensation. But do not be paranoid, this is only alarming if this happens regularly and only in that particular area of the skin.

  1.  Wounds that Don’t Heal.

They say that is just for diabetic people, but do not completely neglect wounds that don’t heal. They may be a sign of cancer growing in the body. See, the body prioritizes and makes sure that it rejuvenates all wounds and cut on the outside. But if it does not do that, it may be prioritizing other processes inside the body. It would be best to just see the doctor because it is really alarming, especially if you’re feeling well on the outside.

  1. A lump beneath the skin.

A lump must never be ignored. It signifies a lot of things, like having lipoma, etc. so, if you happen to feel something like that, do not ignore it and immediately consult with your doctor. Remember that self-examination for lumps like that is important because it detects early possible sickness like cancer.

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