10 Most Surprising Things You May Not Know About VP Leni Robredo

Maria Leonor “Leni” Gerona-Robredo, born April 23, 1964 is a Filipino lawyer, social activist and probably one of the most influential right now in the Philippines. She has been the Liberal Party’s representative in the last 2016 election where she won the seat for Vice-Presidency. She is the second woman to occupy that position in the government after former President Gloria Arroyo. But, before she reigned as the victor in the election period, there has been many issues and controversies about her real reasons for running. So, to not get lost in thought, let us refresh our memories about the 10 things one should know about our awesome VP!

  1. She would have been an RTC.

VP Leni, before she entered politics is a simple wife and a very dedicated public servant. She used to be an advocate lawyer of the marginalized sectors. Because of this, she has been picked as one of the three most promising judges to be the Regional Trial Court official judge. She would have been an RTC like her father, Antonio Gerona Sr. if only she did not step into politics. After her husband’s death, she decided to continue what he has started, so instead of pursuing the RTC, she invested all her effort into politics.

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