10 Useful Benefits of Drinking Warm Turmeric Water Everyday

8. Cardiovascular health

Curcumin unclogs your arteries from the arterial build up and prevents blood clots very efficiently, which promotes your overall cardiovascular health.

According to a study from 2011 published in The Journal Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin and conducted by a team of scientists from the Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences in Japan turmeric can improve cardiovascular health and reverse autoimmune heart diseases.

They conducted an experiment in which male rats were injected with an autoimmune heart disease and were then given turmeric supplements. Their health was significantly improved in little over three weeks after just being treated with turmeric supplements.


9. Prevents aging

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and eliminates free radicals, the two major reasons for premature aging, which means that it prolongs your life and prevents aging.

10. Anti-cancer properties

As we mentioned a few times already curcumin has strong antioxidant properties which make them effective against cancer, preventing cell damage due to unstable molecules.

Some Turmeric Recipes You Should Try

Don’t like water and turmeric? Maybe you find it too boring or bland? Here, you can choose from any of the following turmeric recipes.

Golden Milk – this traditional turmeric drink, used in Indian households as a wellness tonic, is an infusion of either dry turmeric powder or fresh turmeric root in milk. Easy to prepare and highly palatable, it leads to better sleep, headache relief and much more.

Turmeric & Ginger Iced Tea – a refreshing iced drink that helps to support your heart, brain and every cell in your body. The recipe includes black pepper which helps to make the nutrients more readily available for your body to use.

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