11 Signs that a Person has Heart Problems

5. Throat or Jaw Pain

Another symptom that may tell you that you have heart disease is throat and or jaw pain. The only explanation there is for all the pains may be the lack of flow of oxygenated blood in the veins surrounding it. If you haven’t seen any cut or abnormality externally, then the veins or nerves may be causing the pain. So if you feel persistent pains in these areas, consult with your doctors immediately.

6. Feelings of Being Exhausted Easily

If you feel exhausted easily or tired easily from doing something which is no big deal for you before, then maybe something is wrong with your cardiovascular system. Normally, when the body works out, blood flows circulates well that enables you to catch up with your breath and energy. But if blood cannot flow properly, you will get the feeling of exhaustion easily. Another thing, if you feel exhausted even when you are just laying down, then something must be wrong. Go see your doctor immediately.

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