15 Awesome Food Trucks Roaming Around Manila

In order for a restaurant to make a big impact in the growing food community in Manila, it has to not only serve a wide array of best-tasting dishes, but it also needs to be uniquely different from its competitors.

One unique idea that some restaurants are using today is the food truck. A popular trend in the country for two-three years now, food trucks have become so popular in Manila because of the fact that people will no longer need to go to the restaurants, the restaurants will go to them.

So we have decided to list down 15 of the most sought after food trucks roaming around Manila today. Since these restaurants aren’t staying in one place, we suggest that you save their contact numbers and follow their Instagram account, which will be provided on this list.

Make an effort to spot and eat in this moving restaurants and we assure you that it’s definitely worth your time and money.

Mio Gelati

PHOTO CREDIT: phonebooky.com

PHOTO CREDIT: phonebooky.com

Contact #: 0917-582-7124

Instagram: instagram.com/miogelati

PHOTO CREDIT: phonebooky.com

PHOTO CREDIT: phonebooky.com

Looking for a food truck that serves desserts? Try to spot Mio Gelati, a food truck that serves Italian ice creams. Before ice cream trucks are only seen in foreign movies. Now, Mio Gelati is here to serve the some of the coldest, sweetest home-made ice creams!

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