15 Celebrities who will Shock you with their Gender and Partner Preference!

  1. Cynthia Nixon



Cynthia Nixon is a very popular American actress known for her participation in the adult film, Sex and the City. She has in fact won several awards for that particular role. She is among the artists who rose into stardom in the late 1970s and have stayed in the industry until now. Being womanly ‘gay’ or lesbian also has been a taboo so she found it hard to come out before. It was only in 2012 when she finally summoned enough courage to stand up for her sexuality. But before even going there she has caused some controversies when she said that “bisexuality is a choice”. It was as if a bisexual person can choose to perform yet another gender. It received a lot of negative comments and Nixon has apologized for that. What she aim to said was it was the homosexuality that is her choice. She has been in a steady relationship with Christine Marinoni since 2004, but only married her in 2012. “I believe we all have different ways we came to the gay community and we can’t and shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into one cultural narrative which can be non inclusive and disempowering”, said Cynthia in an interview.

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