15 Kids who Are Future Rich Celebrities

5. Baby Zia


Maria Letizia Rivera Dantes, or Baby Zia is also one of the lucky kids. Having parents like Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, she indeed is bound to get hold of quite a generous amount of inheritance. More than the economic aspect, Baby Zia also is lucky for having such beautiful genes. As a matter of fact, as a week-old baby, many netizens have speculated that she is going to make it big in the future. She in fact is the most awaited child star to come out on TV. So when she came out for a local milk’s advertisements, local viewers were just so stunned. Aside from this, Marian also divulged in an interview that Baby Zia’s talent fee is much higher than hers. Hmm, we really see a bright future for this cute baby.

6. Connor Consunji


The son of a former beauty queen and a real estate mogul, Connor Consunji is undeniably a lucky kid. More than the name and the economic gifts he have from his parents, he also have been blessed with such beautiful genes. At age 4, Connor is already making public appearances by gracing some local magazines, etc. He got the captivating looks of his mom, Maggie; and the dashing charisma of his dad, Victor.

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