15 Kids who Are Future Rich Celebrities

7. Scarlet Snow Belo


The very cute and beautiful daughter of the controversial couple Dra. Vicky Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho is none other than Scarlet Snow. She has stunned netizens with her wit, at age 1. She already know how to read, identify shapes, etc. At that age, she is really one of a kind, plus the fact that she has a billionaire mom. However, there has been questions about her real parentage. But early 2016, Dra. Belo has clarified that Scarlet is really her biological daughter, she just opted to hire a surrogate mother for the birth to be successful. Because of Scarlet’s wit, many netizens cannot wait to see her grow up.


8.Juliana Gomez


The only child of Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres is none other Juliana. She is now a young fine lady, who is on her sixteenth year. As a teenager, she has showed off his dazzling looks on her social media accounts. This she got from her parents who are really beautiful in their own ways. Aside from the genes, she is also bound to receive an economic inheritance which is really impressive. Having an heiress for a mom, and a matinee idol for a dad, she surely have it all.

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