15 Kids who Are Future Rich Celebrities

9. Pacquiao Kids


Need we say more? These five kids have indeed a bright future ahead of them. With Manny’s earnings from his fights and from a lot of his investments, these kids can survive life without having to work at all. Manny and Jinkee have also told in an interview that they already have plans for their kids even now. They have secured plans for them that won’t let them experience the life they had before. These kids are now into an international school which tuition fee amounts to almost million.


10. KC Concepcion, Frankie, Miel and Miguel Pangilinan


What could possibly go wrong when Ate Shawie is your mother? The highest paid and the most credible actress of the 80s, has indeed accumulated a large amount of fortune which can secure her children’s future. Aside from that, Sharon’s husband, one of the Republic’s senator is also from very well-off family. This being added, their children surely will live a very good life in the future.

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