16-YEAR-OLD Stabbed to death 32 times and eaten as “kinilaw”

A 16-year-old boy reportedly stabbed to death 32 times, chopped, and eaten in Naawan, Misamis Oriental.

The victim was identified as Rey Dadole, 16. According to his mother Estenelly, her son went to church but was not able to come back afterwards.

The primary suspect was known for his name “Tuyor”. Police investigation revealed that the suspect’s son allegedly punched by the victim.

The suspect confirmed the gruesome incident telling that they chopped the victim’s body after they killed him.

‘Tuyor” also confessed that some of the victim’s body parts were shared to his drinking buddies as “kinilaw”, a local dish of raw meat slightly cooked with vinegar and ginger.

Source: http://www.socialtrendsph.com/2015/08/16-year-old-stabbed-to-death-32-times.html

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