20 Hollywood Celebrities with Filipino Descent

  1. Monique Lhuiller

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Not all famous Hollywood personaities act – some stays behind the camera, while some prepares the most amazing wardrobes. Monique is one of the top fashion designers in Hollywood. She owns a shop where famous celebrities go to when in need of outfits to wear during wedding and red carpet shows. Her name is quite a reputable one because of his intense talent and passion put into the dresses and gowns she creates. By the way, Monique is a pure Filipina.


  1. Jessica Sanchez

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This amazing young talent right here is undeniably a Filipina. From her looks, appearances and personality, she is a certified Filipina. She rose into stardom in 2012 when she emerged as the runner-up on the 11th season of American Idol. Her defeat was really mourned upon by her  Filipino fans because she really got the talent, and it was just a regret. At the age of 11, she already has showcased her talent in singing as she joined the search , America’s Got Talent. In 2013, after the AI, she visited the Philippines and was welcomed warmly. She said that she’s really proud of her roots because Filipinos are really loveable people.  

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