20 Hollywood Celebrities with Filipino Descent

  1. Enrique Iglesias

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The Gazette Review

Another talented hollywood personality with Filipino descent is Enrique Iglesias. He is popularly known for being the King of Latin Pop. He has produced several hit singles and albums which were sold worldwide. Not only pop hits, but his songs actually made it to Billboard Hot 100. Though it is to be expected, Enrique really did outshone her ascendants. He came from a musically inclined family – his father is a famous Spanish Singer, and aunties and uncles who also performs. But what most people do not about Enrique is that his mother is a Filipina, a journalist to be exact. Her parents divorced in 1979 so this information about his Filipino descent is not a popular trivia about him.


  1. Cris Judd

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Cris is the former husband of the very famous Jennifer Lopez. Since he is a world class dancer and choreographer and her being the queen bee as she is, the two met for a project. It was love at first sight that immediately lead to the wedding of the two. It was in 2001 when they get married. But just a year after, the two already separated with reasons not publicized. Since Cris is not a well-known hollywood personality, his personal life was not usually talked about. He grew up in Angeles, Pampanga. His mother is a Filipina and his father is a Portuguese.

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