20 Hollywood Celebrities with Filipino Descent

  1. Reggie Lee

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Reggies is a Filipino-American who is also one of the amazing actors of today. He has several major appearances in hit movies like the Fast and Furious, Pirates of Caribbean, and Safe. but before doing the mainstream acting scenes, Reggie started as a Broadway performer. From there, he made his way upfront Hollywood. But did you know that during his initial days as an actor, he was always casted for Hispanic roles? Yes, because his real surname is Valdez. Because he said that he’s a far cry from being Hispanic, he changed his screen name to “Lee”. No hate Filipino Fans, he said that its just work, and he will love being Filipino as long as he lives.


  1.  Tia Carrere
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Althea Rae Janairo, or popularly known as Tia Carrere is a Hollywood actress known for her outstanding performance in the soap opera, General Hospital. From then on, she was casted into different films. Tia, on one interview mentioned that she has Filipino,  Chinese and Spanish Ancestry. Although she was born and was raised in Hawaii, she said that she has equal love for the Philippines, and for being a Filipina.

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