20 Hollywood Celebrities with Filipino Descent

  1. A.P.L. de A.P.

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Who would not know about this amazing rapper? Allan Pineda Lindo or popularly known as A.P.L. de A.P. is a singer/rapper of the famous group, Black Eyed Peas. His path to stardom was not a smooth one for he really worked hard and sweat hard for it. As a child, his American father left him and his mother at Angeles, Pampanga. He seek refuge in Music, which lead him to form a group who he did not expect can be big one. His passion and talent took him to Los Angeles where it all began. His music boomed because it was a mixture of the American and Filipino culture. Recently, APL is among the coaches of the popular talent search, The Voice Philippines. He said that being a Filipino is a gift and that he would not be ashamed being one. He love the Philippines and its people!


  1. Michael Copon

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Who would have thought that this Power Ranger has actual Filipino blood on him? Yes, he is half Filipino! Although he’s shut about it, his DNA and parenthood cannot be mistaken. He is a son of a woman with German-American descent and a Filipino. He was born and was raised up in America that he seemed to lost his Filipino roots. Whatever the case, his Filipino fans still love him.

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