20 Hollywood Celebrities with Filipino Descent

  1. Maria Isabel Iglesias Preysler

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The daughter of Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler. Her family is really a popular one, because all of them has pursued a career in showbizness. Her brothers are famous models and singers while she has pursued a career in being a journalist. Although she stays behind the camera and the lime light, she cannot help but to be dragged into fame. She is also one proud Pinay, she said.


  1. Lea Salonga

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Need we say more? This Philippine homegrown talent is really a precious gem. She indeed has made a very reputable name in Hollywood. Starting as a teenager on broadway, she captured the hearts of the viewers. Until now. Her contribution to the success and state of broadway is undeniably huge. This Filipina is really a proud one because she waves the Philippine flag metaphorically after every performance. Today, she stays in her home country helping aspirant young singers build and hone their talents. She said that she’s done building hers so she will help those she perceives worthy of mentoring.

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