50-Year-Old Mom Looks Like a Chic at Her 20’s

A lot of age-defying products are easily available in the market. Both cosmetics and surgical industry are in demand. This treatments and beautifying products, somewhat, lessens 10 years of age from ‘mature’ women.

At 50, most individuals experience back pains, weak bones, and other ailments. Signs of aging such as wrinkles also start to show. 50 also marks the menopausal period of women.

But to former beauty queen and model, Candy Law, age is just a number. AT 50, she shows at the camera how hot momma looks like.

50-Year-Old Mom Looks Like a Chic at Her 20’s

Fierce and fearless, Candy continues her modeling career. She still looks gorgeous, youthful and full of enthusiasm. It even seems that she is at her early 20’s or, should I say, she never aged a day since she turned 20?

It must be noted that she is the winner of the 1991 Miss Asia Pageant. But her glow and figure do not show any signs of her childbirth.

Candy has 3 children, whom she has managed to raise alone since her divorce. As a single parent, it was not easy for her. Yet, she proved she is strong enough to face the challenges of single parenthood.

Candy’s story is very inspiring. At the age of 50, she challenges the natural law which involves aging. Obviously, weak bones and back pain do not affect her. It even seems that she has mastered the art and science of age defying, after all.

Candy is a very admirable, independent woman. True to her name, she still looks like a sweet and fresh doll at 50.

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