8 Super Healthy Foods That Are Dangerous When Taken Too Much

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are very rich in selenium, an essential trace element that can also be toxic in high amounts. Symptoms of selenium toxicity include loss of hair and nails, digestive issues and memory difficulties.

The recommended daily intake of selenium is 50–70 micrograms/day for adults. Additionally, the upper tolerance level for safe intake is about 300 micrograms/day for adults.

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One large Brazil nut may contain up to 95 micrograms of selenium.  Eat only 4–5 Brazil nuts a day. It’s not recommended that you eat more than than.

A Word to the Wise

Remember that not because a food is healthy in small amounts, it’ll be healthier in greater quantity. When it comes to nutrition, more is not always better. Be mindful of your health. Stay informed.

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