8 Things you should know about Marian Rivera-Dantes

This lovely Mom right here has surprising secrets under her sleeves! Being the Kapuso’s idolized Primetime Queen, Marian Rivera has a lot to spill to all of her fans out there! Here are 8 things that a total fangirl should know about Yan.

  1. She’s a fangirl too!

Marian, or “Yan” to her fans, is obviously also a hardcore fangirl of some of our local artists! Three big names, Dawn Zulueta, Vilma Santos and Aga Muhlach are her most veneered people in the acting industry. She always told the press that she admire Dawn, because of its personality, “She is beautiful and her personality even makes her more beautiful”. On the other hand, she said she likes Ate V because of its humility. On one interview, Yan said that “I admire her and want to be like her. When we worked together I never thought she would go to my room and talk to me. She talked to me and we exchanged numbers. We text each other even until now.” Although not surprising, Yan mentioned that she adores Aga Muhlach because of his professionalism. Laughing on one interview, Marian said that “I want to work with him. I have met him a couple of times and I find him really nice.  I once saw him in New York and he said, ‘Hoy Marian, magkakamovie ba tayo?’ (Are we going to have a movie together?)”

Having said that, our Primetime Queen is just like us who go kilig with the other artists!

  1. She loves Spain!

As every fan of her would know, Yan was born in Madrid, Spain but did not actually stayed there due to some private family reasons. Despite that, Yan still loves the place and considers it her second home next to the Philippines. When asked about what are her memories of Spain, she said that “I was born there, but I did not grow up there. But it is like home. I am happy there because my dad and siblings are there.”

  1. She describes herself as Malambing, Kalog and Totoong Tao!

Popular as she is, Yan still see herself as a simple youthful mom. She puts simplicity above all traits, and being malambing, kalog and totoong tao (Sweet, Jolly and Real Person) at the same.

  1. She loves butterflies!

Fly fly fly the butterfly! Yan loves butterflies! May it be in different colors and sizes, she loves it all! On one of her interviews for a feature article, she said that back in her student days, she loved collecting butterflies! She would store it in a cage made by her own Lola, and would spend on it. She would prepare the butterflies’ food (fruits, nectars) and would also put sugar on water as alternative. However, this liking of her for butterflies ended when she got busy with her work and could not afford to continuously care for them.


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