8 Things One Should Know About Angel Locsin

  1. She’s part of the royalty!

We mean this, figuratively and literally. Figuratively, she is really a royalty for she is among the most loved and talented actresses. Literally, she is really a royalty for her mom, is a part of the Royal family in Marawi City! However, she has no intention of claiming the position because she has no connection with her mother, the one with the royal connection.

  1. She’s a fighter!

There are countless times in her life that she was brought down, bruised up and broken. But despite these, she managed to still stand up and fight for her rights and beliefs. This is true even to her personal life. She has experienced several breakups and heartbreaks, but she always manages to get back up and move on.

  1. Her career started off by being discovered at a Shopping Center!

Who would have thought that one fateful day of going to the mall would bring her this success? Well, lucky as she is, Angel was really discovered at the shopping mall. Being the crowd stunner that she is, she was immediately spotted by a talent scout. And from the on, she never quit pursuing her passion. .

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