8 Things You Should Know About Manny Pacquiao

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao has definitely conquered it all – boxing, acting and singing, hosting, coaching, and even pastoring. Started from being a no one from Saranggani, he made his way to the spotlight through boxing. Although Manny’s life is an open book to everyone, there are still things that his fans must focus on, to know Manny even more. Here’s ten things to start it up!

  1. Manny’s PACMAN is not of Japanese origin.

Being one of the most popular boxer of this era, fans have made Manny a nickname that best suit his punching abilities. However, as many would not know, PACMAN is not that japanese character, but rather is a combination of Manny’s first and last name – PAC from Pacquiao, and MAN from Manny. It is important to note this because he has been carrying this name ever since and it reflects a big chunk of his personality.

  1. He’s a natural talent!

Manny developed his boxing skills naturally. As a child, he had to physically exhaust himself searching for food and water for his family. He said that he has to go trek mountains and cross rivers just to acquire these necessities. This training, he said was the most precious period of his life because it has shaped him to be the man he is now.

  1. He is indeed a People’s champ!

From boxing, basketball, commercial products, preaching,  he has indeed influenced Filipinos in a very massive way. And this new venture, Politics, has proven that he is really of the people. Winning in two consecutive elections has proven his credibility in the eyes of the Filipinos.

  1. He started in “Blow by Blow”!

His boxing career started in this local tv show called “Blow by blow”. It is a boxing show that features different amateur boxers all over the Philippines. Winners were paid two dollars per fight. In this case, Manny survived by winning several fights.

  1. He won his first title match in 1997!

Manny ‘s first title was won on the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation Flyweight Boxing Championship. He combatted with his older opponent Chokchai Chockvivat, a Thailand National. He won on the 5th round, as he knocked down Chockvivat.

  1. His first movie appearance was in 2009.

Manny, being the people’s champ as he is, finally accepted doing a film in 2009. He played the part of a superhero named Magno Manese. The tile of his movie was Wapakman. Basically, the role portrayed by manny is the protagonist who is admired for being an inspiration to people.

  1. His first tattoo is a boxing glove!

Manny, being the sentimentalist as he is, tattooed himself a little boxing glove just above his chest. He did it when he was just sixteen years old, as a reminder to him that he need to do good on his boxing career. He himself designed the tattoo, that’s why it is relatively ‘bad’. He had no interest on removing it, because for him, it is a sign of how far he’d come and how farther he will go in the future.

  1. He believes in Power Three!

At 37, Manny is already a well-made man. He has billions, he has a loving and supportive family, he has almost everything. And the answer to those achievements, according to him is in believing to the three keys in life: (1) identifying your goals, (2), using a system to reach those goals and (3) discipline to maintain the system until you reach your goals. Achievements for him, do not instantaneously. One must work hard for it.

Here are the ten things that you should know and i really hope that you understand Manny better now than before. There are still many interesting things about him, but this list ends here. Hope you enjoyed the list!

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