8 Things You Should Know About Vic Sotto

The person who is probably one of the legs of the local showbiz industry; the person who is not getting tired of making his audience laugh; the person who is none other than Vic Sotto. This year marks the 41st year of Vic in the showbiz industry. And despite having stayed in the industry for over four decades, it’s great to refresh our memories about things that we should know about this one great actor.

  1. He just followed the footsteps of his brothers!

Vic is not the first celebrity in their family. He entered showbizness after his brothers Tito and Val. He decided to join showbiz because of his brothers’ persuasion and thought that it is also a good career. He started being a folk singer, and from there developed his acting skills.

  1. He has four children!

Staying in the industry for four long decades, Vic has been involved with numerous female co-stars. Some of them are Connie Reyes, Angela Luz and Dina Bonnevie with whom he had children. Vico Sotto is his son with Connie Reyes; Paulina Sotto is his daughter with Angela Luz and Danica Sotto-Pingris and Oyo Sottp with actress Dina Bonnevie. Although he has children with different mothers, Vic always see to it that he get to bond with his children as frequent as possible.

  1. He knows how to treat his friends kindly!

Staying at Eat Bulaga for 36 years, he has seen hosts and members of the show come and go. Some who stayed like Anjo, Ruby, Jimmy, etc. were very special to Vic. As a matter of fact, before his wedding, Vic holds regular night session with the boys of EB. He spends with them and for them. That is how kind he is with his friends and his co-workers.

  1. He believes that true love waits!

As we all know, Pauleen-Vic nuptial was a very controversial one. But despite all the bashing, and all the negative vibes about them, they pushed through the Wedding succesfully. According to him, this is a great manifestation that indeed, true love waits. No matter how wide their age gap is, and no matter what other people has to say about them, they still tsand strong and hold on to their one great love.

  1. He loves and enjoy being with kids!

Eat Bulaga’s Ryzza Mae and Baeby Baste are some of the favorite kids of Vic. He treats them extra special and is very generous to them. He said that maybe it comes with the old age, being fond of playing and caring for the little sweet kids.

  1. He’ll never get tired of making people laugh!

Vic enjoys being in a sitcom. As a matter of fact, he does not want to stay idle – not making other people laugh so he has this regular Saturday shows. Some of which are the “Vampire ang Daddy ko!” at “Hay, Bahay!”. Through this short and entertaining shows, he hope to not get rusty in comedic scenes.

  1. He was once a fool in love!

As a fan would remember, Vic was once married to a Dina Bonnevie. He thought she was his great love. He thought she was the one. But he repeatedly committed extramarital affairs searching for the reason or quality that Dina doesn’t have.

  1. He makes millions!

Isn’t it ironic that he asks “who wants to be a millionaire (coz i want)” to his avid viewers, when in fact, he himself is an actual millionaire. On every project that he has done, Vic has surely earned millions. However he also make millions of donations for better cause! His savings is as big as his heart!

Four long decades in the industry and Vic is still a strong personality. Let’s just hope that he has seen all the qualities he has been searching for in a woman, in his wife Pauleen. Here’s to longer life, Vic!

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