8 Trivial Things about Coco Martin!

  1. He’s a God-fearing person!

Being the person who has experienced the rags-to-riches phenomenon, Coco is very much a faithful person and a true believer of God. He said that he is made possible because of God’s grace. He is a devotee of the Black Nazarene together with his grandmother. Until now, he made it a point to attend the mass together with his Lola.

  1. He is super uber mega professional!

All the hardships he has gone through has also shaped his work ethics. He never comes late to any arrangements for he said that what he do defines him as a person; and he doesn’t want to be branded as tardy. Aside from that, Coco is never choosy about his on-cam partner. May it be a boy or a girl, he’ll do his role without having second thoughts.

  1. He is just an ordinary person!

Despite the fame and his influence, Coco said that he’s is nothing special, but rather, he’s just an ordinary person like the many around him. And being ordinary, he cannot help it but to admire other celebrity actors and actresses as well. Some of his idols are Philip Salvador, Bembol Roco, John LLoyd Cruz and Jericho Rosales. He said that these people have influenced him and his acting career to a large extent.

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