8 Trivial Things about Coco Martin!

  1. CocoJam is real deal!

Coco Martin on screen relationship with Julia Montes has been branded by their fans as CocoJam. Some of their die hard fans have been saying that finally, the ship is already sailing! On one interview, he said that among the Kapamilya leading ladies, Julia is one girlfriend material! He said that make what her attractive is her very humbled and good personality aside from her dashing good looks!

  1. He’s a very family-oriented person!

Having mentioned countless of times that he came from a not-so financially stable family, Coco has really made his family his very first priority. He said that his passion for acting and his concern for his family is what drives him to be the best actor that he can be. He also said that his love for his family is way above the love he has for the opposite sex. He said that’s why he chooses to remain single.

  1. He’s a multi-awarded actor!

This is a very trivial thing about him, but, this has defined him the most among the other described trait in this list. Coco Martin’s name had been on the list of very talented actors even when he was still on the Indie scene. As a matter of fact, Coco is known as the “Prince of Philippine Independent Films” because of his outstanding performances on some of the very amazing Indie films produced by Filipinos. It was only recently that he joined the mainstream television. He said that even if he has gone mainstream now, Indie would always have that special place in his heart.

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