9 Hollywood Personalities who Allegedly Expressed Nasty Racist and Derogatory Comments about Filipinos

Racism has never, ever been good to anybody. It is one form of marginalizing, bullying and stereotyping people based on some of their physical traits. As a matter of fact, racism has been one of the social problems that people fought hard to break. It is a system of oppression which puts a certain group or ‘race’ of people in the corner. On a popular online poll, Filipinos tend to be one of the nationalities who are the most racist all over the world. Given their access to the different social networking sites, they tend to send remarks and comments about other people which sometimes can be ‘inappropriate’. However, Filipinos are not just the ‘giver’ or ‘sender’ of these racist comments, but they also are receivers, and topics of racist discussions. Since most Filipinos tend to be ‘overly sensitive’ with this matter, snide remarks are big deal. So, here are 9 hollywood personas who have given some nasty racist and derogatory comments about Filipinos.


  1. Dan Brown’s Inferno

Balitang Viral

Balitang Viral


Dan Brown is a popular fiction writer who writes novels like the Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol, and a lot more which is very much related to the Christian Church. He seemed fascinated with the topic so his books are very well-versed about this. For instance, his latest book, Inferno is about search and understanding of a world biohazard which causes infertility to one-in-three human population which will lead mankind to yet another era. Since the book was mixed with the modern and historical underpinnings of christianity, hell and other faith-related venues have been discussed. Manila, the capital city of the Philippines and home to many Filipinos have been mentioned in the book. In Brown’s words, he has portrayed Manila as “the gates of hell” – city of horrible traffic jams, suffocating pollution, massive poverty and a thriving child sex trade. Filipino netizens have reacted to it as well as the City government. Mr. Francis Tolentino, the city’s MMDA Chief has sent Brown a letter concerning the misportrayal and the wrong description of Manila in the book. In Tolentino’s words, the book offered “inaccurate portrayal of our beloved metropolis”. To the author’s defense, he has said that the story was fictional. However, on his own personal website, he claims that “all artwork, literature, science, and historical references in this novel are real”.

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