9 Hollywood Personalities who Allegedly Expressed Nasty Racist and Derogatory Comments about Filipinos

  1. Taylor Kitsch



Taylor Kitsch, a Canadian actor has also given his own opinion about the Filipinos, and how the latter serves the incoming foreigners in the country. It was in 2012 when Taylor has said in an interview that Philippine Airport officials were not of the right conduct. He said that he has been denied to enter the country because his passport was full, and that he was ordered to immediately go back to Japan. The incident has caused some troubles because Taylor said that officers in the Airport have not treated him well, and has actually asked for his IPhone. He emphasized in the interview that those officers were Filipinos because he’s in the Philippine Airport. So basically, the way he portrayed Filipinos, like those officers were very derogatory. Later did he know that he was not actually in the Philippines, but was in Indonesia. The Philippine Custom Officials have checked it repeatedly that no Taylor Wade Kitsch has been into the country, so obviously, Taylor has got the wrong persons to blame. The Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte demanded an apology for all those derogatory words thrown to the Filipinos. It seemed that Taylor did not counter checked the country and just assumed that those officials were Filipinos based on how they look.

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