Age doesn’t matter? At least for these Pinoy Celebrities!

As a predominantly Christian and conservative country, the Philippines frowns at May-December affairs. Apparently, it is quite odd seeing couple of great age gaps (say 10 or 20 or 30 years age-gap).

However, it seems that the world is changing right under our noses. Although, May-December affairs are more common in the United States (we’ve heard stories of Hollywood superstars of great age difference tying the knot). In the Philippines, it also seems the same thing is happening.

Freddie Aguilar & Jovie Albao (Age Gap: 44 years)

Related imageThe nation was shocked when it was publicised that Freddie Aguilar, a popular musician, is tying the knot with his lover Jovie Albao who is 44 years younger than Freddie is!

Ostensibly. regardless of what people, and even their own families say, these two are inseparable. They proved their love for each other in a Muslim wedding in November 2013.

Amidst controversies, Albao said:“Sana tumigil na ‘yung mga detractors namin. Kasi kaya nga kami nagpakasal kasi ayaw ngang tumigil ‘yung mga paninira sa aming dalawa. So, naisipan naming dalawa na kung magpapakasal na kami ay titigil na lahat, hindi na nila iisipin na kasalanan ‘yung ginagawa namin.”

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