Who among them is Janet Derecho Duterte: 18 Celebrities and their Surprising Real Names

  1. Piolo Pascual

The DailyPedia

The DailyPedia

Piolo Jose Nonato Pascual is Piolo’s complete name. He is known for his undeniably remarkable talent in acting and singing, plus his dashing good looks. He started his career in 1994 as a daily member of the show “That’s Entertainment”. From then on, he has steadily pursued his career on Philippine television.

  1. Keanna Reeves


The real life JANET DERECHO DUTERTE! At first some of you may have thought that this woman is connected with the Mayor, but you’re wrong. It just happened that they share the same surname. Keanna, is among the sexy stars who made their way to stardom though controversies. She said that she was once an escort girl and that lawmakers were her clients. This breaking issue has assured her exposure to the spotlight.

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