Before and After Fame: Top 10 Amazing Celebrity Transformations

We live in a world where almost everything can be bought. Today, almost everything can be repaired and remanufactured as long as you have the means to do so. Similar with being in showbizness, many celebrities can now opt to change and improve their physical appearances; especially if they are among the most famous list. With fame comes a great number of bashers, so they really need to be cautious. To give examples, here’s a list of 10 amazing Filipino celebrity transformations.

  1. Angel Locsin


Angel is indeed a display of real Filipina beauty. Before going into showbizness, Angel was just an ordinary face inside the classroom and across the streets. But as she rose into fame, her beauty also seemed to evolve in a very sultry way. Today, she does not only have a pretty face, but also a sexy body.

 2. Anne Curtis


Before being the “Anne”she is now, Anne before is a simple and a cute girl-next-door. She portrays kikay girls that best suited her physical appearance. But today, as she developed into this woman, she also has imbibed the character of being the sexy lady, the one who is usually called the “mistress-type”. Her transformation is really an amazing one.

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