Best Among the Rest! 5 Pinay Celebrities Who Graduated With Flying Colors

For some people who relies on superficial knowledge about showbizness, they would immediately judge that most actress are just pretty faces without brains. Some would even go to the extent of telling actresses and female artists that they lack other competencies that lead them to just meddle in showbizness. But here’s a list of Pinay celebrities that prove those claims wrong! Not everybody who are in showbizness lack competency; some just want to fulfill their passion, and ‘calling’ as making people happy by acting in front of a camera. There are actually many people who have blessed with such a pretty face, good acting skills, and yes, superb degree of intelligence. So, to start with, let us all check out this list of Pinays who graduated with flying colors from the different premier universities in the country!


  1. Carla Abellana

Image result for Carla AbellanaAn actress who is really blesses with everything is Carla Abellana. She is from a well-known family in the showbiz industry, the Abellanas. Her dad is an very actor himself. More than being the daughter of a great actor, she herself is among the best. At age 30, she has received multiple acting awards already, several PMPC star awards. She debuted in the industry last 2009 when she portrayed the lead role in the remake of the Mexican series, Rosalinda. Since then, she has stayed at the industry and has produced several hit series and movies. Some of those include My Husband’s Lover, My Destiny, So It’s You, Because of You, and a lot more. But what’s inspiring about Carla above all these is that, aside from being a great actress, she also did well as a student. She in fact graduated as a Cum Laude with degree in BA Psychology at De La Salle University in Manila.

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