Best Among the Rest! 5 Pinay Celebrities Who Graduated With Flying Colors

  1. Giselle Sanchez

Image result for Giselle SanchezAn actress who is is prominently known for her naughty, scandalous humor, and even more so for her unabashedly sexy image, is none other than Giselle Sanchez. Wanting to enter the industry, she has managed to use her physical assets to be one of the promising actresses. Unfortunately, many people have mistaken her for being an ‘empty head’ because of this. She started acting in 1992, Giselle has indeed accomplished a lot in the industry. But what most people do not know about Giselle is that she is in fact a Magna Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a degree in Mass Communication.

  1. Chin-chin Gutierrez

Image result for Chin-chin GutierrezCarminia Lourdes Cynthia Arnaldo Gutierrez or more popularly known as Chin-chin Gutierrez is an actress and an environmentalist. More than that, she is also a school achiever. As a matter of fact, she even graduated as a Cum Laude from Miriam College with a degree in Mass Communication. She debuted in showbizness in 1992 and remained active until now.

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