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Top 10 Richest Filipino Celebrities

The entertainment industry has made a big impact in the lives of the Filipinos. In fact, most of our habits, songs and expressions came from TV commercials and shows. Believe it or not, we...


Top 10 Phillipine TV Commercial 2015

Did you ever find yourself singing the latest jingle of a TV commercial unconsciously? Well, you’re not the only one. Through the years, Filipino television has been filled with different kinds of jingles of...

Julia Montes
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Filipino Actresses with Foreign Bloods

Beauty.Brains and Talent. Which of these qualities attracts us the most? Well, in the movie industry, most of us appreciate the part that involves beauty. Filipinos are known for their Asian beauty or some...


Valdez Invades SEA Games

  Alyssa Valdez, one of the most popular players in Philippine volleyball, will lead the 12-woman lineup that will represent the Philippines in their return to the volleyball tournament of the Southeast Asian Games...


Coco Martin: The New Probinsyano

Coco Martin who plays iconic roles in today’s television, recently popularized as the “yummy” actor in the Nescafe’s TV commercial, started out in one of the ABS-CBN’s talent agency star magic. His first cameo...