Certified Blue Eagles: 15 Pinoy Celebrities who Graduated from Ateneo de Manila University

  1. Alodia Gosiengfiao

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This very cute cosplayer here has a lot more to offer than her looks. She took up BFA Information Design in AdMU and graduated in 2009. She started cosplaying in 2009, while she was still a student. Today, Alodia is known not only for being a very effective cosplayer, but also as a celebrity endorser, sexy star and TV Host.

  1. Grace Lee

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Grace Lee, one of the most prominent Koreans in the country, is definitely in love with the Philippines. She has been here ever since she was 10 years old and she said that she has fallen in love with Pinoy culture.  She studies high school and college here. She took up her AB Interdisciplinary Studies in Ateneo de Manila University and graduated in 2006. Today, she is not only known as a korean TV Host, but she also works at Malacanang as an official interpreter.

  1. Yael Yuzon

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One of the coolest band vocalist ever is Yael Yuzon! He definitely loves making music and sharing it with everybody. He is among the original OPM vocalists who never their bands, which in his case is Spongecola. But, did you know that Yael is such an RK? Yes! He studied at Ateneo de Manila University, as an AB English Literature student. He graduated in 2006. Today, Yael is not only a well-known musician, but a happy husband to Karylle as well.

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