When a Child can be Given a Phone According to Bill Gates

Bill Gates, one of the richest in the world, applying strict rules about giving gadgets to his children. It also sets the minimum age of children allowed to have a cell phone. It should be impersonated by all the parents.
Who doesn’t know bill gates? He’s one of the richest men in the world, and he’s the creator of modern technology in the computer

If speaking of technology, surely bill gates best knows what’s good and who doesn’t.
This world-class computer has three teenagers growing up. As the guy in the world of technology, he sure knows when the best age gives a mobile phone or gadget on the kid.
In an interview that was loaded in tenplay, Bill Gates insists that * the child should not be allowed to have a smartphone or a gadget before he’s 14

Parenting Expert (parent s’ education for children) and the accept the bill gates. Because the research also has proven that letting the child touch technology too early could have bad impact on the child.
Bill confessed, that he and his wife Melinda Set a strict rule of giving gadgets to his children. Even though their children protested the rules, but bill remained firm.
” we don’t allow anyone to hold the phone during the meal. We also don’t give a mobile phone (phone) on our son before he’s 14 years old, even though they complain that their friends already have a phone before age 14,” says bill gates.

Here is a line of rules related to the use of technology, which will apply bill gates and the wife to their children.

  1. Banning their children have a phone before 14 years old
  2.  Limit _ screen time _, so they have more time to spend with family
  3. is not allowed to carry cell phones while eating
  4. Sets the clock to see television and cell phones every day so the kids can go to bed early than the other kids.

* the bad effects of gadget on a child *

  1. Children can be exposed from the internet, also vulnerable to victims of predators roaming the internet, or bullying in the digital world
  2. Influenced Child’s brain growth
  3. Makes a kid be lazy move, so the slow motor system to grow
  4. Affected his mental health and social development. Kids who are addicted to internet and gadgets can’t socialize well, so she doesn’t have a playmate
  5. Makes kids dependent on gadgets, so he can’t be independent in solving problems.
  6. Kids being obtuse in thinking.

Even though the internet also has good and good content for child development. However, if not selective and restricted, the excessive screentime could have bad impact on the child.
As a parent, we have to be bold in order to give the rules to give gadgets to the children Even if this kid complained of it, you must remain strong applying that rule.

The late Steve Jobs, the world’s most famous gadget boss also stated that he forbade his children to use the latest technology.
It certainly opens our eyes, that our own technology experts do not allow their children to be exposed by the sophistication of technology too early. They let his child grow normal, and fraternize with surroundings. So the child can grow up well.
Let’s make a lesson to be more firm in the rules of the use of gadgets on our children at

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