#Closure: 14 Celebrity Couples who Filed Annulment Cases

  1. Benjie Paras and Jackie Forster

Pinoy Showbiz News And Entertainment

Pinoy Showbiz News And Entertainment

Age has caused problems in their marriage, that was what they both said. Being too young to enter a relationship made them vulnerable to many marital problems. Jackie admitted that she regretted marrying Benjie at that very young age. It was in 1994 when they tied the knot; she was only 16 then. They had two wonderful sons, Andrei and KObe who are both doing fine on their craft today; Kobe on basketball and Andrei on his acting career. Benjie and Jackie separated in 2001, and was only legally annulled in 2003. They both said that despite giving the kids a broken family, splitting up was their best decision. Today, Benjie is happily married with his new partner, and so is Jackie.

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