#Closure: 14 Celebrity Couples who Filed Annulment Cases

  1. Brix Ferraris and Amy Perez



For a marriage to work, both the man and the woman should give to the relationship. Trust, love, loyalty, finances, care and every element that must keep the relationship working. This was not the case in the short-lived marriage of Amy and brix. The two got married in 1995 and eventually split up in 1997. Their son had just turned 10-months old when brix decided to leave Amy with unknown reasons. She begged him to stay just for the sake of their son, but he was not convinced. He left her. It was only three years after that Amy gave up on them and filed an annulment case. It was the most painful thing that she had done. 14 years after, the court finally ruled out in favor of the annulment.

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