Cum Laude couple from UP Baguio achieves true ‘Relationship Goals’

Photo Courtesy of Bassilyo Unofficial Facebook fan page.

Photo Courtesy of Bassilyo Unofficial Facebook fan page.

Most of today’s young generation believe in two common stereotypes; first, when a person is in a relationship, it’s almost impossible for him/her to be excellent in academics. Second, a person who is excellent in academics are always struggling to find true love. Well, if you believe either one of those, or even both, maybe it’s time for you to think again, especially after reading this story.

Meet Harvey Aquino and Donnalyn Sevidal, both Cum Laude students who graduated from University of the Philippines-Baguio, who happens to be in a six year relationship as well. They went viral in the internet and social media a couple of days ago because of their inspiring story.

Aquino graduated with a degree in BA Communication while Sevidal finished BS Economics. Before their Cum Laude honors in college, the brainy couple were already achievers during their highschool days, which is just a proof of how good they balanced their time.

In his Facebook post, Aquino seemed to be very proud of what he and his girlfriend have accomplished. “Who says love wrecks acads? Hi, Ms. Cum Laude! I think this is our kind of #RelationshipGoals, right? More goals to achieve sooooooon! I love you!” Aquino said, referring to Sevidal, the love of his life.

The hashtag #RelationshipGoals have been used by many couples to inform everyone on their social media circle about what they have accomplished or what they want to achieve together. However, most of them don’t seem to take it seriously, talking about dates and gifts as their most common relationship goals.

On the other hand, Aquino and Sevidal just showed everyone the deeper meaning of the trending hashtag. Love, trust, patience, maturity, responsibility, and ambition; these are the values that made them role models. Aquino and Sevidal knew what’s best for themselves as individuals and as a couple, and they have constantly helped and supported each other in achieving their personal goals and becoming better persons. This is what true love and relationship goals are all about.

It wasn’t easy though, as the Cum Laudes admitted that they had to make a lot of sacrifices just to maintain their high grades. Often times, they have failed to celebrate special occasions just like their monthsaries because they are too busy studying. However, Aquino and Sevidal did not allow these hardships affect their relationship, and the result is overwhelming. Not only were they able to receive Cum Laude honors and make their parents proud, but they were also able to strengthen their love for each other.

But this isn’t the first time that a student from UP has accomplished something like this. A few couple of days ago, Tiffany Grace Uy, a Summa Cum Laude from UP Diliman made history by achieving the highest grade in the history of the university in over eight decades. Mind you, she has a boyfriend whom she’s been with for more than six years; plus she’s very active in social media, yet she’s still able to graduate with a General Weighted Average (GWA) of 1.004.

So, do you still think it’s impossible to find true love and get high grades at the same time?

What can you say about the story? Post your comments below and allow yourself to be heard!

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