Early Signs and Symptoms Of Diabetes

  1. Weight loss and Hunger

Polyphagia (hunger) and unexplained weight loss is also a sign that there’s too much glucose in your blood. Remember that these glucose are the ones being absorbed by the cells to produce energy. But in the case of diabetes, the cells cannot/fully absorb the glucose because of lack or not enough insulin. Because the cells cannot have their ‘food’, one’s body may feel tired and exhausted, thus the hunger. Weight loss, on the other hand is due to the burning of muscles and fat to replace the energy that should be given by the glucose. It is observed that you can still lose weight even if you haven’t changed your diet or eating pattern.

  1. Chronic Fatigue

Related to being hungry, chronic fatigue has a lot to do with too much glucose in your blood. Since insulin is not there to help your cells absorb the glucose, the cells will not be properly ‘energized’ and so are you. So even if you eat regularly, you will still tired.


  1. Blurred Vision

Who says that diabetes doesn’t go up? Diabetes is everywhere your body, because it is in the blood. Another sign is having a blurred vision. Do not take this sign for granted, because blurred vision is not ‘normal’ unless you are like that since birth. This blurred vision is caused by the thickening of your blood because of too much glucose. Now, thickening of blood further causes dehydration of the blood vessels which also includes those in the retina. It will thus damage your vision and if left untreated can lead to total blindness.

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