Early Signs and Symptoms Of Diabetes

  1. Slow-healing sores

This is the most common symptom yet the one being taken for granted, always. Normally, a cut or a sore will heal immediately with proper blood circulation. It won’t take long for healthy cells to repair the damage because it is properly functioning. However, when you are a diabetic person, you do not have enough healthy cells to repair the damage so healing will take longer than usual, or sometimes, not at all. This is caused by the high level of glucose which interferes with blood flow making it difficult to repair the skin damage.

  1. More Frequent Infections

Have you ever wonder why do you infections more frequent than the usual? You seemed to be eating healthy and doing a lot of exercise, but you still suffers from infection? The answer is because you have a huge amount of glucose in your blood. Since the cells are not healthy enough to fight back, they can’t help but to allow the growth of infection. And some infections even thrive on glucose, so yes it is a symptom.

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