Early Signs and Symptoms Of Diabetes


  1. Pain and Numbness in your Hands and Feet

This condition is called diabetic neuropathy where the nerves are being damaged because of too much glucose in the blood. The thick and sugar-filled blood damages the natural body’s nerve fibers causing the pain and the numbness.

  1. Sudden Skin Problems

Normally, people with healthy enough body won’t get sudden skin problems. Because you know, if the skin show some abnormalities, it just tells you that something is wrong inside. There are a lot of possible skin conditions which may be caused by high glucose in the blood. These are boils, carbuncles, blisters, and other more. High level of glucose can also cause skin coloration causing vitiligo. So, if ever you notice that this symptom is getting more serious and you cannot explain why, go consult with your doctor immediately.

These symptoms are medically studied and proven, and self-diagnosis works at some times; but it’s the best option to just consult with a medical expert or on your resident doctor to avoid further complications.

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