Epic Fail! 10 Most Embarrassing Filipino Celebrity Fall Down

Nobody and nothing is perfect. Accidents, slip offs, outfit failure may occur every performance. And according to one song, “even the best fall down sometimes”. Top artists, highest paid celebrities, both local and international are not exempted from these painful and embarrassing mishaps. Before, issues like these dies instantaneously, but with the presence of social media and the internet, they seemed to be engraved forever in the memory of the netizens. To give examples, here’s a compilation of most embarrassing and most painful local celebrity fall downs.

  1. Party Pilipinas’ JuliElmo Slipping on Stage


The better half of the team, Julie Anne San Jose accidentally slipped on stage on the episode aired last January 6, 2013. It happened during the opening of the show, so it was really embarrassing. All eyes and cameras were on her so surely, it was viewed nationwide. Luckily, her partner Elmo Magalona was there to pick her up and guide her back on her feet. This fall down has caused Julie Anne a bruise on her cheek. However painful, she still continued with her performance. This fall down has received a lot of nasty comments from her bashers and from some unconcerned citizens. News spread out that it was actually a trick to get the attention of the viewers; while others pointed out that it was scripted the way it happened and how Elmo handled it. Whatever the case may be, Julie really felt the pain from falling down.

2. Sarah Geronimo’s Wardrobe Fails

Every Popster (Sarah’s fans) really love Sarah – the way she performs, the way she dress, and everything that she is. No one cannot blame them because surely, Sarah has the talent and the potential to be this big in the showbiz industry. But not all the time, favor is in her. It happened last July 12, 2012 when she accidently misstepped on her dress. It was during her performance on her concert called “24/SG” where she sang “And I am Telling You”. She totally got carried away by the song, that she forgot that she’s wearing a long gown, and accidently stepped on it. She fell down. But being an ultimate professional that she is, she went back to her feet, gain her composure and continued the performance. From then on, Sarah seemed to do away with long gowns.

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