Ex and Why’s: John Lloyd’s History of Past Relationships

  1. Ruffa Gutierrez



After realizing that he can do better with an older woman, John Lloyd’s next relationship was with the one and Ruffa Gutierrez. The two met in 2008, as they had a project together which was Betty La Fea and became a couple in 2009 – after the break up of Liz and John Lloyd. It was a relationship that sprung up from a broken one, so as Ruffa said, it was really doomed from the start. It was just a short relationship that barely lasted for a year. When asked why they broke up, Ruffa said that she had enough of John Lloyd’s problem with drinking and womanizing. So instead of resenting each other furthermore, she just decided to call it quits. Now, Rufa is very happy with her life, with her kids and with her family.

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