Ex and Why’s: John Lloyd’s History of Past Relationships

  1. Angelica Panganiban

Kicker Daily News

Kicker Daily News

Thinking about the pattern of the previous relationships of John Lloyd, it was really shocking that after Shaina, he landed on Angelica’s arms. It was just so unexpected! Although they are both under the same artist management agency, it was just so unexpected for them to be an official couple. When Angelica broke up with Derek, it was the same time that John Lloyd and Shaina was having problems with their partnership. Fate just worked, and there – they ended being a couple. Moving on from their previous relationships, they found shelter in each other’s arms. They started dating in 2012. It started as a friendship that later blossomed into love. They were doing great, and that was sad; because as a popular saying goes, ‘all good things will eventually come to an end’. This was what happened in January 2016 when they both finally called it quits. Reasons behind their break up were not publicized so fans were just left hanging. But one thing’s for sure – the split up left Angelica devastated. She was really broke up to the point that she almost thought of switching networks just to get away from John Lloyd – this she said on an interview with Cosmo. Today, Angelica is very single because as what she had said, she’s still on her moving on phase.

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