Expect the Unexpected! Beautiful PH Celebrity Transformations

  1. Charice Pempengco



Indeed, the truth has set her free. Charice is among the artists who have managed to find their true self in the industry. She started as this little child joining different amateur singing contests and ended up in the Oprah show in the United States. She is among the lucky few who were able to make it big in the local and the international scene. Before 2014, news about Charice were all about her getting cosmetic surgeries to improve her physical looks. But during that year, what Charice announced was her being a ‘lesbian’. It took all of her fans by surprise and everybody did not know what to say.  But later on, the people have welcome the new ‘her’ warmly. Since that announcement, she radically changed her appearance – no more long hair and dresses. Her music genre also changed a bit because of this. Instead of going for mellow and more ‘birit’ songs, she chose to stay at the hard rock type of music and a more ‘manly’ type. Her transformation is really shocking.

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