Filipino Actresses with Foreign Bloods

Beauty.Brains and Talent. Which of these qualities attracts us the most? Well, in the movie industry, most of us appreciate the part that involves beauty. Filipinos are known for their Asian beauty or some people may refer to it as exotic beauty or something that is unique and is rarely found. In our generation today, some actors and actresses that we appreciate are actually not of pure Filipino blood but still they have the heart of the Filipinos. Here are some actresses that might have taken your breath away just by looking and appreciating their absolute looks and talents.

Liza Seberano

Liza Seberano ©

Liza Seberano ©

Liza seberano or Hope Elizabeth Hanley Soberano was part of the ABS CBN’s talent agency, Star Magic Circle 2013. She was known for her outstanding beauty and talent in acting. She has starred the famous teleserye “ForeverMore” together with her leading man Enrique Gil.

She was born to John Castillo Soberano, A Filipino and to an American mother Jacquelyn Elizabeth Hanley. She grew up in Visalia California and since having a dual citizenship, she moved to the Philippines to pursue her acting career.

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