Foreign Attracts! List of Filipino Celebrities who are In Love Foreigners!

  1. Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat

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Isabelle, the pretty daughter of the former beauty queen Gloria Diaz, is another pride of the local television. She has a lot to offer aside from her pretty face. Adrien is a French National who is into business. The two has been on a steady relationship for six years now, and has been engaged last February. These two’s love story will make you so kilig, because Adrien really worked hard to win the heart of this beautiful Filipina. He said that he got rejected seven times, but that did not stopped him from pursuing her so on the 8th time, she finally said yes! They are really one lovely couple.

  1. Georgina Wilson and Arthur Burnand

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Who would not know about the ever famous and it-girl Georgina Wilson? Well, she’s just the brand ambassadress of Maybelline now, and the host of the very prestigious Asia’s Next Top Model. Arthur, her boyfriend, now husband is a British businessman and Hotelier. The two got engaged in October and got married last April 2016. It was a love at first sight, because fans were swooning at the very first sight of them together. It’s like seeing forever in a future, they said.

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