Get a manicure, Get HIV for FREE!

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), perhaps, is one of the most feared transmitted diseases nowadays. Research shows that this virus can be contracted in a number of ways such as blood transfusion and sexual intercourse.

However, a rare incident of contracting the virus though manicure equipment sharing began spreading in 2014. According to Fox News, a 20 year-old Brazilian woman allegedly got HIV from sharing manicure with her cousin who is also an HIV positive.

It was like a nightmare when she found out that she possess the fatal virus while donating blood. She then clarified that it was impossible for her to get the virus through sexual intercourse nor through needles. Other family members were also tested but were found HIV negative. Only her cousin she used to share with manicure equipment was positive. Both of them were undergoing treatment to recover from the virus.

According to the video, the incident happened ten years ago but was only reported lately in the online journal AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses. This suggests a large possibility of unreported cases of HIV transmission through shared tools.
This incident suggests us to be extra careful in sharing things with other people. So when someone, say a stranger, borrows your comb… think twice. Other infectious diseases, not just lice, may be transmitted through it.Who knows?!

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